Cheyenne Medicine History

Harry Jones wrote to his publishers, John Hale, on 21 May 1982 to offer them the republishing rights on all the ex–Muller books, an offer that Hale turned down on 24 May 1982, and also to let them know that the next western, Cheyenne Medicine, was almost ready. Jones submitted the manuscript on 26 June and Hale accepted the book on 19 July. Hale must have been keen because they sent the cheque on 30 July.

The copy editing department sent some queries on 18 August, which were disposed of with ruthless efficiency by Jones. His response not only pointed out that the copy editor didn’t know what he was talking about, but also went on to tell Hale how they should be publicising his books. Never challenge the sort of author that minutely researches his/her books on points of fact.

In the middle of all this, Jones contacted Clint Eastwood about possible involvement both in acting in and producing his westerns, and also suggested that Eastwood would be perfect for the lead role in the unpublished novel, Chartist’s Revenge. Eastwood responded to say that he was, unfortunately, fully booked until 1986 and wished Jones a happy 70th birthday into the bargain. Now, there aren’t many western authors, especially Welsh ones, that can say that! Shortly in advance of said birthday, Hale sent Jones the proofs for correction, which he returned on 26 October.

Harry Jones didn’t get to see Cheyenne Medicine published because he died on 9 February 1983. The book was published on 10 March 1983.

The book was republished by Magna in large print in their Dales Westerns series on 1 June, 2014.