Future books

When Harry Jones died, he left several completed works unpublished, as well as some works in progress. Many will be published by Burnham Priory in the near future.

  • Unfinished Western (to have been titled ‘Kansas Pacific’ or similar – 29,113 words completed. Jones was writing this book when he died. In hospital, he told his wife and youngest son that he wanted to break one of the cardinal rules of Western fiction in this book. He’d written a baddie that he’d got to like and wanted him to escape justice. Jones’ youngest son may finish the final 10,000 words one of these days and publish the work via Burnham Priory.
  • Untitled, though completed, Joss Travers Western.
  • Untitled, though completed, Jeff Landers Western.
  • ‘Chartist’s Revenge’: only the first couple of chapters have been unearthed, though it is certain that the book was completed because several publishers saw (and perhaps one failed to return?) the manuscript. This was to have been published, as far as can be remembered by his family, under the Harry Graham name. Jones asked Clint Eastwood to both star in and direct a proposed movie version. Clint declined because his diary was already full for the next five years!
  • ‘Mann Goes West’, a crime thriller, originally planned to have been published under the name of Harry Austin.
  • ‘Mann for Murder’, a crime thriller, planned to have been published under the name of H.A. Jones (presumably, if ‘Mann Goes West’ had been published as a consequence of publication of ‘Mann for Murder’, this too would have been published under the name of H.A. Jones).
  • ‘A Grave Error’, a television play.
  • ‘Down in the Mouth’, a humorous short story of 2100, which was not appreciated by the BBC! “Not quite what we want for broadcasting. False teeth and wigs would not be appreciated as objects of humour by a large proportion of our listening audience.” How the times they have a-changed.
  • ‘Back from Beyond’, a short story.
  • ‘A Man of His Time’, short story.
  • ‘Penang Princess’, a short war story about a ship.
  • Untitled (and rather gruesome) short war story.
  • Crime story pilot; the outline plot is there but the rest is missing.

It is possible that more manuscripts will come to light…and hopefully, the full version of ‘Chartist’s Revenge’ will show up during the next search through various suitcases and boxes.