Cheyenne Medicine

Cheyenne Medicine

Originally published 10th March 1983.

Mark Holden was heading for St Louis to doctor for a California–bound wagon train when he came upon an attack on the Kremmling to Granby stage. The stage was carrying only four women, coming in answer to an advert for wives for some of the town’s worthies. So what had the outlaws been after? Putting the stage out of business was the simple answer and saving it embroiled Mark in a whole heap of complications.

The complications involved a pushy mining company, crooked law and a scheming, deadly ramrod, who had cleared the opposition by spreading fear amongst Kremmling folk with his evil shadows, the hot–tempered Dando brothers. One more complication was the stage owner’s beautiful, but fierce and fiery, shotgun–toting daughter.

Mark could spare Kremmling just two weeks so he had to both prod and push hard so as to inflame the sort of men who made a good living out of other people dying. Raised Cheyenne style, Mark turns to his Indian friends, who owe him some favours, and things move to the inevitable lead–filled climax.

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