Travis, US Marshal History

There’s not really much to say about Travis, U.S. Marshal; the Harry Jones/ John Hale partnership was getting quite slick by this time. Jones submitted the manuscript to Hale on 18 January 1982, three days before the publication of Mustang Valley. On 10 February 1982 Hale accepted the book and offered the usual “£75 for one edition of not more than 1,500 hardback copies.” The contract was signed before the end of February.

Jones received the proofs for correction on 10 June and resubmitted them to Hale on 22 June. Travis, U.S. Marshal was published on 28 October 1982 (only a month before Channel Incident). In publishing terms, unless you are a best– selling author submitting a book in late November that the publisher wants out in time for the Christmas market, this is quick – only nine months between submission and publication.