Rogue Ramrods

Rogue Ramrods

Originally published 25th June 1965.

A Clint Bellamy/Mex Jaurez adventure. When Matt Nugent’s money was stolen in a deadly bank robbery, it looked like the end for his ranch. The money was owed to Lew Dillon. Now Dillon wants the Triple Bar, so the robbery was kinda convenient for him. Most hombres would have given up but it becomes clear to Matt that he is on the wrong end of a double–cross and he isn’t in any mood to give up his ranch easily.

Meanwhile, Clint Bellamy and Mex Juarez are framed for the robbery and murder and decide to horn in on Matt’s side, but there’s treachery at work in the heart of the Triple Bar.

If that wasn’t enough, the situation is made even more incendiary when Kitty, the dead banker’s daughter, is thrown into the mix. Dillon is determined to have Kitty by fair play or foul and is equally determined to have Matt’s ranch by any means. And he has no qualms about anyone picking up any stray lead in the process.

One thing is for sure, which is that before justice can prevail, guns will blaze, fists will fly and passions will run high. And as the gun–smoke clears who will have won the Triple Bar? And who will enjoy Kitty’s affections?

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