Mochita Stage

Mochita Stage

Originally published 1st September 1964.

Abe Marsh has Blundell sewn up and, as top dog, he doesn’t see why things should change any. But when Steve Sherman first sets eyes on Marsh his curiosity is piqued – he’s sure he’s seen the hombre before, though under another name. A name that supposedly belongs to a dead man. The man who killed his brother.

Add to the equation a range war and a stage coach chock–full of money, due to arrive any day soon, and it’s for sure that Blundell ain’t a safe place to be. Especially when Marsh’s gang of no–good desperadoes get itchy trigger-fingers. What it adds up to is that good men are gonna die.

One other thing that Steve is curious about – well, it’s got more personal than that – and that is why beautiful, young Claire Digby, enjoys the company of unsavoury visitors when most honest folk are asleep.

Not that troubles ever come alone. Another problem is that the equally beautiful Myra Dean blames Steve for her father’s violent death, but that’s the least of his troubles.

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