Mochita Stage History

Mochita Stage was most likely written during early 1963, shortly after the Jones family moved from Priory Road to Burnham Road, both in Shirehampton. Certainly the manuscript was submitted to Jones’ agency, Curtis Brown, in April 1963. Curtis Brown wrote 1 May to say that Muller was absolutely delighted with the manuscript.

Thus, Mochita Stage became the first book of the second three–book contract, which had been agreed in February. However, publication was not going to be any time soon because Jones had submitted more books than Muller’s publishing schedule could cope with. It wasn’t until the following January that Muller advised Jones of a probable publication date of July 1964.

Jones was sent the marked proof for correcting on 4 May 1964 and it was back with Muller by 15 May. In late August Muller advised that the publication date was now likely to be September. This date was adhered to and Curtis Brown sent Jones his six author’s copies on 7 September 1964.

Mochita Stage reappeared in 1973 in World Distributors Bandolero Western series with neither Jones’ knowledge nor permission despite the fact that Muller did not hold exclusive rights to license the book to another publisher.

Fast–forward to 2012 and Mochita Stage was reissued in a large print edition, published by Magna – this time with permission from the copyright holder.