Saddle Tramps

Saddle Tramps

Originally published 2nd August 1963.

A Clint Bellamy/Mex Juarez adventure. It seems that the coming of a railroad brings out the worst in men – greed, deceit, duplicity, cattle rustling and murder. And the railroad is coming plumb through Rafter K land. Clint Bellamy and Mex Juarez are just passing through when they witness Mal Barrett being framed with a murder charge.

The pards have a passion for straight play and side with Barrett. However, they have a job on their hands – the Marshal is in the pocket of the schemers that plan to oust Barrett and his beautiful sister, Stella, from the Rafter K. Stella has put her trust in suavely–handsome, smooth–spoken Steve Mitchell. But it is Mitchell who is behind all of the troubles. If he marries Stella, then you can be sure as hell that she and Mal won’t see a cent from the soon–to–be inflated land price caused by the coming railroad.

Merciless bounty hunter, Wilt Shand, has meanwhile been charged to bring Mal in. The biggest problem for Mal is that Shand is well–known for bringing in dead men. To get Mal in his sights Shand decides to use Stella – and if a woman isn’t battered and bleeding by the time he’s finished with her, then he doesn’t consider that he’s done his job.

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