Montana Nemesis

Montana Nemesis

Originally published 9th December 1960.

Introducing Mex Jaurez. The business model was simple, brutal and effective: Red Hanson, hand in glove with a double–dealing Land Agent, sold land to settlers looking for good graze…but then his killer crew started to prod and push until the settlers were glad to sell back at give–away prices.

Hanson held Mapson City in his uncompromising grasp. The crooked law was in his pocket and he called the tune. No one had dared to complain – at least, no–one had complained and lived – until Nick and Letty Randall bought a parcel of land from Hanson to breed horses. They got the same treatment as all the others, but this time Hanson had picked on the wrong people and incurred the wrath of the all–powerful Randall–Houston combine.

When a clumsy dude arrived looking for range, he seemed easy meat. His incompetence gave Mapson some laughs as he near fell head over heels at every turn. But the dude turned out to be a man to be reckoned with.

Then the dude fell head over heels again, but this time it was for Hanson’s beautiful daughter. It wasn’t long before the range echoed to the thunder of six–guns.

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