Cattleman’s Gold

Cattleman’s Gold

Originally published 2nd June 1961.

Bitter Springs, nestling in the shadow of the Big Horn Mountains, had grown used to peace; but then came the Deep Mine Company to win the lead and silver from under Lazy K’s summer graze.

Ross Blake, the flint–hard Mine Manager bought out the Lazy K from Matt Holt, who promptly disappeared, leaving his beautiful daughter, Myra, to fend for herself. Meanwhile, Deep Mine Company payrolls were stolen and Blake demanded action, which led to Mark Wyatt, U.S. Marshal, being called in. It wasn’t long before Blake and Wyatt were rivals for Myra’s affections.

What didn’t go down well in some quarters was the fact that Wyatt started looking into Holt’s disappearance as well as following up on the payroll theft.

When it was first published in 1960, Cattleman’s Gold was described in reviews as “an authentic Western” and as being “in true Western vein.” With a cast of rampaging gun-slicks and brawling miners, not to mention a classic tale of retribution, you’re sure to agree.

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