Assassin Trail

Assassin Trail

Originally published 30th July 1981.

Sheridan’s Light Horse, led by its amoral leader, Major Tim McCord, brought terror to Southern families during the Civil War. They came out of the night, killing all males, irrespective of age, defiling all women and burning all property. Then they sent the used women away in carts, so that fear spread before them.

When the war ended, McCord and his evil henchmen, Mordant, Hook and Faulkner, led the troop west to the cattle trails. They planned to steal a herd and sell it in Topeka before moving on to Huggett, Nebraska, to dispose of their war loot. Then at Waco they made the cardinal mistake of tangling with Steve Grant!

One righteous man against a large gang of war–hardened criminals doesn’t sound like good odds but, there again, Grant wasn’t alone. No, he was partnered by Amos, an elderly black man, the only survivor of one of McCord’s butchering raids.

All was going well, as the pair whittled down the opposition, until the beautiful Jill Rankin, who was on her way to Waco, was captured by the remains of McCord’s gang – men who by now could do with some female pleasure.

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