Alamosa Guns

Alamosa Guns

Originally published 25th June 1965.

John Reville’s father was lynched without trial for the murder of a bank teller and his son, John, was whipped out of town. Ten years later, the grown–up John Reville – all 6’2″ of him – moseyed back into Alamosa to clear his father’s name and avenge his death. The town owed him and he intended to exact payment in full.

However, many had a vested interest in keeping the dead past buried and Reville’s return spelled trouble. Lew Duggan and Jake Rosen of the Bar D Ranch and Mose Grant of the Lazy K Ranch wanted Reville silenced for good. So did the bank’s owner, Murchison. And so did Deputy Sheriff Kershawe. All had a good deal to hide and a great deal to lose.

Even with the support of Mel Browning, Sheriff Carter and the breathtakingly beautiful Diana Morley, the odds didn’t look too good for Reville. He was outnumbered, but he had right on his side. There again, so had his father and it hadn’t helped him any.

But young Reville had one or two aces up his sleeve. Would they tip the balance? The only surety was that guns were gonna blaze and men would die.

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